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Help Requested From All ELF! 
14th-Aug-2012 07:39 pm
Super Junior -- Kyuhyun asfasdfasdf HOTH
Hello! I'm posting this request on behalf of the Sapphire Sky Project, a group which hopes to bring Super Junior to ELF in countries around the world by proving to SM Entertainment that there are enough ELF in these countries to make a concert a viable option.

We are hoping to hold the first of these concerts in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, but we need your help to make SM aware of other countries that have many ELF that would like a concert.

If you are, or know someone who is, a well-known ELF in your country or know of any ELF fan clubs I could contact to pass this information on to them and ask for their help, I would appreciate it if you would give me their contact information. We would like help spreading this information to ELF worldwide.

I am a new ELF and do not know many people in the fandom yet so any help would be greatly appreciated.

If you would like more information about this project, please feel free to ask me. Also, the website for the project is at: http://www.sapphireskyproject.com/ and you can contact one of the people listed on the contact page with your questions.

I apologize if you see this post more than one time as I am cross-posting to a number of communities in order to get the word out as much as I can.
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