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Fishy Monkey Dating Service [Part 1/2] 
12th-Sep-2010 04:12 pm
Title: Fishy Monkey Dating Service [Part 1/2]
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance, fluff, humor
Pairing: Main!Yewook, Eunhae, Kyumin
Summary: Ryeowook's in love with Yesung, but he can't seem to get him to notice it. That's when Eunhae comes in to save the...love?

First Yewook fic! Despite having a bias, I wanted to experiment with writing about the other couples as well. Enjoy!

Read here > http://suju15-4life.livejournal.com/2136.html

Read Part 2 > http://suju15-4life.livejournal.com/2473.html
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